How ToddlerTunez is still around to support you during the lockdown

Written by admin

April 28, 2020

Since our founding in 2017, ToddlerTunez has made it its mission to work closely with parents to nurture their children’s development in a way that best suits each family. Whilst this remains a difficult period for everyone, we wish to relieve the anxiety that may accompany having to juggle work with both homeschooling and childcare.

This is where our online sessions come into play! In-person creative babysitting has now transformed into one-on-one digital sessions tailored entirely to you and your little one’s preferences 🙂 If they’ve been struggling with homework or simply wish to try their hand at a new hobby, our diverse programme of activities will be able to help them on their way! Language immersion, arts and crafts, music-making and public speaking have proven particularly popular choices recently. We have also decided to lower our rates in support of all families at this testing time, whilst ensuring continued employment for our amazing creative facilitators – a win-win for both parties!

Other developments include two new and exciting partnerships with Happity and Club Hub UK, leading online child and baby class providers. Our full programme is advertised on their platforms so feel free to say hello when you get a chance! Thanks to the wonders of technology, we have even begun reaching clients based in countries as far-flung as Malta, Tanzania and Malaysia! We take this as a sign that quality childcare crosses all boundaries and cultures – something special to bring us together at a time like this 🙂

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