How ToddlerTunez is tailor-made for any kind of summer event

Written by Toddler Tunez

June 26, 2020

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and the days stay sunny for longer, you may have already begun planning that long overdue family barbecue or picnic catchup at the local park. Well, wonderful parents, it’s time to let ToddlerTunez spread its wings! Our multitalented facilitators can sprinkle a little creativity on your day by taking care of the children and allowing you to simply soak up those rays. Outdoor events offer a plethora of opportunities for imagination, with parks and garden lawns proving particularly popular choices for a traditional Shakespearean stage in the round 🙂 Our innumerable drama facilitators can guide your child through such stimulating aspects as costuming, production design and body language, providing them with a truly unforgettable, enriching and super-fun experience that they’ll be boasting to their friends about for weeks – if theatre crowds lapped up open-air entertainment in the 16th century, there are no limits to the unique performance ideas your little genius could conjure in the 21st!

As well as creative childcare for 0-5 year olds, our older sibling services – RocketTunez (for 6-10 year olds) and FineTunerz (for 11-15 year olds) – offer the perfect chance for longer-term focus with session bundles and even the possibility of a more structured summer camp! An extended camp could be a great opportunity to engage in group sessions or playdates with a close friend, supporting one another as they overcome the initial shyness or trepidation that may accompany trying out a new activity – rest assured our warm-hearted and enthusiastic facilitators will slowly bring them out of their shells 🙂 As always, the plan can be adapted entirely to your and your child’s personal circumstances and preferences, but consistent contact with a dedicated Super Sitter is undoubtedly the best way of building a strong rapport and reaping the myriad benefits of creative mentoring. Even if their interaction starts with just a few hours here and there to catch up on missed schooling hours during the summer months, or a quick run-through of un à dix in French, we’re sure their bond will strengthen and give them a chance to explore all manner of creative areas in which their mentor just happens to be an expert! So make the most of this beautiful weather that will hopefully become a permanent fixture in the coming months – get outside, have a stretch, and bask in the sun (and glory!) as your child begins perfecting a skill they may well make their own for a long while yet 🙂