Introducing RocketTunez & FineTunerz, ToddlerTunez’ older siblings!

Written by Toddler Tunez

May 21, 2020

ToddlerTunez aims to combine childcare with creative education and subsequent development. Our offering ranges from school pickups and cooking meals to nursery rhyme singalongs and brilliantly messy arts and crafts sessions. Whilst 0-5 year olds are well represented by our brand name, we felt it was about time we showed some love for our slightly maturer sibling services: RocketTunez, designed for 6-10 year olds, and FineTunerz, catering for 11-15 year olds!

RocketTunez is well aware of your child’s growing interest in different creative areas as they move through the junior years of primary school. During this time, they may participate in extracurricular clubs that seek to improve their acting, dancing or musical abilities, often in a group setting. Whilst this environment is undoubtedly paramount for building friendships and honing a particular skill through more formal tuition and structured classes, RocketTunez is able to tailor each one-to-one session to the preferences of both child and parent. As such, we can be much more flexible with our learning programme and nurture productive and active dialogue between creative facilitator, parent and child. We like to think of ourselves as a kind of playful, colourful and individually-focused counterpart that dovetails with the rigours of everyday school life. You may find your child has already learnt how to read music in class, but have they ever had the opportunity to jam and improvise with a professional jazz musician, broadening their musical knowledge in a wholly personalised setting? If not, RocketTunez can help launch them into the creative stratosphere with fun, high-energy sessions 🙂

It is this dedicated mentoring and attention to personal development that forms the focal point of FineTunerz, our service targeted at supporting your child as they progress through the first half of secondary school. We hope to help them build confidence as they tackle increasingly challenging homework assignments that may include presentation preparation and public speaking skills, as well as nurturing a strong sense of contentment and emotional wellbeing as they grow as humans, beginning to mature into young adults and finding their identity. Whilst we can of course provide high-quality tuition in preparation for LAMDA and music exams, our primary emphasis in this age group is placed on forging a strong bond between your child and their personal creative mentor. Preteen and teenage years are undoubtedly a time of change and uncertainty, but we believe our facilitators can complement your parenting and exert a positive influence on a young person with a bright future. Who knows? What began as a niche interest in origami may transform into a fully-fledged passion for Japanese culture, leading to fluency in the language and extensive knowledge of the country! With FineTunerz, we believe the creative possibilities for your child are endless – we just hope to lend a helping hand as they carve out the path best suited for them 🙂