The brand new ToddlerTunez website: User Friendly for All

Written by Toddler Tunez

June 11, 2020

We are very excited to finally share our brand new website with the ToddlerTunez family! Follow our step-by-step video tutorial above, which shows you how to sign up and book sessions on our user friendly platform, hot off the press 🙂 As the first babysitting company to develop a smart matching engine that seamlessly pairs families with their ideal sitter, we like to think that our new online portal goes hand in hand with approachability, another of our core brand values. ToddlerTunez prides itself on being a friendly organisation that aims to deliver a tailored service and engage with clients in a proactive, informed and personable manner. Given the benefits of early artistic education are still not fully understood by most, we strive to make them easily accessible through an intuitive, approachable framework. Whilst childcare is undoubtedly a crowded market, we differentiate ourselves through our comprehensive three-stage vetting and recruitment process, which ensures all our sitters are perfectly aligned with the ToddlerTunez vision and ethos. We are proud to avoid high joining and membership fees, never requiring a minimum commitment from our customers as we build brand loyalty through a consistent, high-quality service. Most importantly, we solve two problems with one unique concept: utilising the amazing expertise of an underemployed talent pool (creative facilitators) to provide bespoke, meaningful care that sets children up for a bright future!


Our sitters are experienced professionals with a plethora of skills, all of which are fully acknowledged by our matching process. Location, creative specialism, language preference, age group and any specific personal requirements are all factored in to ensure we find just the right sitter for you! Of course, if you have any questions, our customer service line is open seven days a week to provide support to all families and ToddlerTunez sitters, but after having a little play around, we hope you’ll agree that the process is fairly straightforward 🙂 Once you’ve signed up and chosen your sitter from the wide variety available, handy email notifications will confirm that your requests have been accepted and clearly inform you of any further steps that need to be taken. As well as booking a certain number of sessions, you have the option of purchasing hours for friends and family through our neat credit coupon system, for there is no greater gift than creative childcare 🙂 Before your first class, whether online or in-person, your sitter will be in touch to discuss any further requirements or expectations you may have to ensure they are well placed to meet them. All that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax, and get your child’s energy levels up for a super-fun session!