The Wonders of Creativity: 5 Reasons to Celebrate National Children’s Day!

Written by admin

May 8, 2020

In the leadup to National Children’s Day on May 17th, ToddlerTunez has put together a list of 5 different areas in which creative learning can aid your child’s development, complete with some science to support our claims. We and our creative facilitators are thankfully well equipped to help your little one in all of these areas, so let us know how we can be of service!

1. Cultivating an imaginative mindset

“Imagination is more important than knowledge,” said Albert Einstein. What better advocate for creativity than one of the most influential scientists of all time? Intellectual and cognitive development have been shown to accelerate when children are encouraged to think outside the box, so why not try coming up with a new character for your next bedtime story and describing them in detail to build your little one’s vocabulary? Then they could give illustrating them the next day a go too…

2. Developing key motor skills

Even the simple act of holding a pencil or crayon to make marks, or even a pair of scissors when cutting, can significantly improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and help them get writing-ready by the time they hit school age. Arts and crafts and cookery workshops are particularly effective for their ability to distinguish between colours, materials and smells, further enhancing their understanding of the world through exposure to different textures and sensory stimuli.

3. Taller, Faster, Stronger!

Building models with materials like clay is perfect for strengthening your child’s hands and fingers, as well as helping them become more dexterous and lengthening their concentration and attention spans as they focus on completing one activity for a sustained period of time. More physical forms of creativity like dance, sport and drama can also boost their flexibility and bone strength, so make sure they drink their milk and stay active to grow to their fullest potential! 🙂

4. Sociable communicators

Sharing ideas visually, verbally and physically with parents and creative facilitators does wonders for a child’s communication skills and ability to interact meaningfully with others. Friendship-building and parental bonding are two areas undoubtedly ameliorated by activities like reading and performing as children learn how to listen and express themselves in their own unique way, leading to much more exciting and linguistically confident accounts of what they get up to at school every day.

5. Emotional wellbeing

Lastly, creativity aids immeasurably in a child’s ability to tell you how they are really feeling. In the hectic age of modern parenting, sometimes it can be hard for you or your child to get a moment’s rest as you both rush from school to an extracurricular club or family gathering, perhaps feeling the effects of the increasingly competitive nature of education. Particularly during this challenging lockdown, taking the time to sit down with your little one and work your way through a puzzle or create a piece of art together is the best possible way to bond, unwind, and have fun, allowing their imagination to take you places you never knew existed 🙂