ToddlerTunez Returns: How we’re staying safe as we bring back in-person sessions

Written by Toddler Tunez

May 29, 2020

In line with recent government updates, we are delighted to announce that in-person ToddlerTunez sessions are once again available to support families as they work from home or begin returning to work! We understand, of course, that extra precautions will need to be taken as we carefully begin our transition back into in-person sitting, and all online sessions will remain available to book during this period – these work particularly well with RocketTunez (6-10 year-olds) and FineTunerz (11-15 year-olds), which are profiled here 🙂 Rest assured we are fully committed to ensuring the safety of all parties involved, so please find a document here outlining our in-person session requirements for both families and sitters. Key points include regular handwashing, temperature checks and sanitisation of all equipment used. If any coronavirus symptoms are experienced by the sitter, child, or members of either household, in-person sessions will unfortunately not be possible. However, as long as the sitter’s journey to your home is manageable, they’ll be able to make the session extra fun by holding most of it in your sunny garden or airy local park – whichever suits you best! 🙂

Whilst this remains a challenging time for everyone, we wanted to continue supporting our sitters as best we can to enable them to stay as creative as possible and provide you with the dedicated, high-quality service ToddlerTunez is renowned for. To this end, we offer round-the-clock personalised support from our in-house team, who are able to guide sitters on any individual issues they may encounter, as well as regularly highlighting coronavirus safety measures. Our online activity pool aids in session-planning and continues to grow as we add more professionals to our talent network, happily supplying them with further training and employment whilst they develop as Creative Facilitators. As ever, we are proud of our sitters’ achievements beyond the ToddlerTunez sphere and endeavour to facilitate their pursuit of any creative project that seeks to brighten our world a little during this period – sign up to our newsletter to hear about them first! 🙂

If you are interested in an in-person session, please contact Megan at or call us on 0208 126 5577